Actress Kadiri tell Buhari the measures he must take in other to combat COVID-19

Actress Kadiri tell Buhari the measures he must take in other to combat COVID-19

The Nollywood actress, in an Instagram video, stated the key things President Buhari should do as a measure of combating the novel coronavirus pandemic which had been troubling the country.

“Your Excellency, coronavirus is a pandemic we never expected. Coronavirus and poverty are best friends; the virus lures you out through poverty, infects you and kills your family”, she said.

See below the rest of her address to President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR.

1. I beg you we know Nigeria is able. You brought up the policy of giving palliatives through BVN. We all have our BVN. Please even if it’s N5,000 monthly put it in our accounts, I promise you we’ll stay at home. At this point, people are not working anymore to be rich, people are currently working to survive.

2. President Buhari, you will be amazed to see what N5,000 can do in the life of every individual. You shouldn’t say you are giving only one family member N5,000 because that will be very selfish.

3. Every citizen who has a BVN should be entitled to the N5,000. If you succeed in doing this for every Nigerian, your administration will be remembered as the best that Nigeria has ever had. Nigerians will appreciate you and sing your praises to the world.

4. Every single citizen from the Army to the teachers need the N5,000 now. People will stay home if they are asked to stay home if they know that they will get N5,000 at the end of the month. N5,000 is not too small, we’ll manage it.

5. Don’t say you’re giving the palliatives to only the poor. It should be given to every citizen so as to effectively combat the hunger and poverty caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Nobody is working anymore and sources of incomes have closed.

6. In conclusion, other countries are taking care of their own; please follow suit by taking care of us too.


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