Coronavirus: Look-alike symptoms join the lexicon

COVID-19 look-alike symptoms are making the rounds in Lagos. Months ago, the purveyor would more or less be arrested and bundled into a corona virus isolation centre.

But now, the government says these centres have beds and medical personnel for only patients with the worst conditions, and that means people who are merely sneezing and coughing should self isolate at home.

This has brought relief to many sufferers of look-alike symptoms, and encouraged them to explore natural options for their condition.

In this regard, I receive many enquires every day.They are similar to enquiries often made over the past 25 or 30 years which were visited with suggestions the enquirers always said worked for them.

When I noticed an upsurge of these enquiries in the past few weeks or there about, I decided to restock my personal medicine chest with almost anything imaginable that may be good to dispel these symptoms… Just in case.

And it is from this experience that the following column has emerged.

Many people report severe malaria fever with or without headache. Some people link it with typhoid fever. Others suspect it may be a symptom of Covid-19.

Different people describe it in different ways. Some say it is as if red hot charcoal is placed all over them.Others say it is like their bodies are pasted with pepper puree.

Their physiological functions appear impaired in many ways…urine output is poor, making some men suspect prostate gland dysfunction.In some people, the intestine slows down with no output over, say for about four or five days.

This situation always reminds me of Dr. F. Batmangheledj’s book, YOUR BODYS MANY CRIES FOR WATER, and the follow-up book, YOU ARE NOT SICK, YOU ARE ONLY THIRSTY.

This suggests that the body may have become like a car carburetor in which cooling or coolest water has dried up or almost done so.In the doctor’s care in hospital, this would mean an ORT and electrolyte fluid in drip sets.

In the kitchen cure back home, this is a job for refrigerant herbs, vegetables and fruits such as mango, water melon, avocado pear and orange with pinches of sea salt to make the body retain water.

This season also invites us to drink a lot of water so that we do not easily burn up with malaria or Covid-19 look-alike fever symptoms.I will forever remember CAROLYN DEAN in this special area.

She is a researcher and physician in the United States who is helping to popularise IONIC MINERALS and VITAMINS. Her ionic magnesium is called RE-MAG.

One teaspoonful in a litre of water drunk slowly throughout the day over time rebalances the body with magnesium.

It has always turned out that many people were grossly magnesium deficient before their RE-MAG experience – They calm down within one or two days of being on it.

There is, also, IONIC CALCIUM, when nerve tremour (shaking finger etc) are presented, IONIC B-COMPLEX goes with them.

Chanca Piedra and Epo igi Awopa

We cannot rule away the possibility that PLASMODIUM FARCIPARUMY, the mosquito-borne malaria parasite, is a functional part of the equation. Otherwise, doctors would-not have been rooting for HYDROXYL CHLOROQUINE.So, I tried to add two non anti-malaria regimens to many traditional kitchen resources.

My friends know that I enjoy the juice of male pawpaw leaf on empty stomach or with a meal. They know that I present the leaf on meals like salad.

To it, I add chanca piedra and Epo igi Awopa. My family took chanca piedra tea when my children were growing up, and knew of no malaria crisis fever even among our AA Genotype members.

This time, I decided to be more creative about it… I solarised some on a clean clear glass bottle filled with water which I kept in the sun.

To my joy, it brought out the golden and yellow colour within about 30 minutes without the risk of stove heat damaging the contents.This is in addition to solar energy water.

Where I may have missed it was when I infused chanca piedra (Ehinbisowo or Ehin olube) in Seaman’s Aromatic Schnapps.Within about 15 minutes, the gin became completely green.

This meant the gin must have extracted not only chanca piedra’s medical properties but the chlorophyll as well, making it a very powerful tincture.When, experimentally, I took half a tort, I almost couldn’t get up from my seat.

My blood sugar must have gone down the drain, and my blood pressure must have crashed.I should have taken only about three or four drops under the tongue from a dropper.

The rest of the story may be told another day. Suffice it to say that I later gave the bottle away to somebody who needed it more than I did.

Awopa was like that too.I was introduced to it by the stories of Nigerians it helped in London when the hospitals had no bed for them. Now, I would rather use water infusions of these herbs.

Gums and root canal

When we are made hot by the toxins from micro-organisms in our bodies, we hardly think of infected gums and the canals of dead or dying teeth as areas of the body which require treatment.

Many of us, especially aging people, have weak and infected gums which smell, however well and hard we try to clean and help our mouth, or to rescue the hollows of the teeth that can no longer protect themselves against disease germs.

These germs, in perforated gums, pouches or crevices,  periodically release toxins which may generate the look-alike  symptoms of even relapsing fever. Dentists charge a lot of money for a root canal or clean up surgery.

Nigeria may have lost a beautiful gum and teeth medicine for this condition produced by Dr. FAFURE, once a deputy to BISHOP MAGNUS ATILADE, a Cuba-educated chiropactor, who was president of the National Association of Physicians of Natural Medicine (NAPNM).

Before his physical demise, Atilade became the representative of NAPNM for the Alternative, Traditional and Complementary Medicines on the enlarged council of doctors and dentists. Fafure was a laboratory technologist. His product in reference was named PAPITEETH.

He was to turn it into a toothpaste at a pharmaceutical factory in Awe, Oyo State, but did not have money for the venture. I helped him generate public awareness for the product. About four years later, Dr Fafure had none of of his product, PAPITEETH, when one of the young women who worked with me at THE COMET Newspaper developed “terrible” tooth pain.

The dentist demanded about N200,000. She did not have the money. I told her I had one bottle of PAPITEETH which “expired” about three years earlier.  She did not mind. Her pain disappeared on a few applications with her tooth brush, and she had no need for the dentist there after!

Virus or Bacterium?

There appears to be a disagreement now on what causes COVID-19. Until last month,the World Health Organisation (WHO) told us it was a new Corona virus. But now, the Italians say it is a bacterium. In some medical groups, it is suggested that the bacterium may be a more potent mutant version of the virus, in which case ‘’pap water is pap water “(omi eko, eko ni), as we say in this  part of the world.

Accordingly, our treatment approach should be comprehensive. That means we would continue to engage malaria fever in all its ramifications, confront the virus and challenge the bacterium.

To me, the foundational therapy consists of alkalinsing the system and lowering the toxin and pathogen load. For years, I have  been taking a cue from my medical doctor friend since our MARIANDINA days in the 1990s, Dr. Sam Asemogha.

He cleans his patients up with ORGANIC COFFE ENEMA, an idea bequeathed to laymen and physicians alike by Dr. MAX GERSON. Recently. Asemogha had a bad case of Non-Hodgkins lymphoma, a deadly cancer worsened by chemotherapy. The patient began to cough as though he would die the next minute.

Water had filled his lungs.  Dr. Asemogha had to place him on five organic coffee enemas a day and soon, the coughing stopped.

Since the 1990s, I have routinely suggested organic coffee enema for many conditions. But, interestingly, I had not had one myself.

So, two weeks ago, I had cause to get on board. Not only did I evacuate lots of intestinal stuff, their contents showed yellowish, fat waste.

Did this mean I was not digesting fat well enough or the liver had been too congested to support fat metabolism, with its many attendant organ health challenges, including kidney deficiencies and blurry vision? Well, we continue our March on the virus and bacterium in a small battle as this column would permit today.

I no longer have RED  MARINE ALGAE and AMAZON A-V for viruses. But colloidal silver is always not too far away. My best friend now has not been OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT either. The international lockdown has kept it beyond reach. Somehow, BLACK SEED OIL is very much around.

Two tablespoonfuls in the  middle of  a meal thoroughly mixed with the morsel do a lot of wonders. Of course, it comes with an army which includes raw garlic, vitamin C, Zinc, Cayenne pepper and Curcumin 2000x. Garlic is anti-viral and anti-bacteria.

Zinc helps T-4  cells to rapidly mature. T-4 cells are  herculian warriors for the immune system. CAYENNE is a member of the regimen, for understandable reasons. It does not allow blood to congeal to form clots in the blood vessels.

In some COVID-19 cases, massive blood clots have been established as causes of death. Autopsies also mention inflammation and tissue collapse. We try to address inflammation with such naturals as ginger and tumeric, via the diet.

The anti-inflammatory power of tumeric is in one of its components called curcumin. In a proprietary product named CURCUMIN 2000x, which I like to take, the power of curcumin is said to be enhanced 200 times over with modulation with cayenne.

I cannot forget CBD oil as an anti-inflamatory. Some people prefer the capsules, others the tincture extracts. Some of the tinctures contain specially added anti-inflammatories,  such as cumin (not curcumin) oil, beet root oil and Ashawagandah etc.

As potassium is good for energy and tissue regeneration, potassium-rich fruits and vegetables are generally well recommended. In particular, mangoes and avocado pear are in season. I do not forget to give myself a treat with APPLE CIDER VINEGAR in the water I drink.

Sometimes, I add lime juice in the search for potassium from the plant kingdom. I wish to re-emphasise CBD oil or the capsules. It is made from hemp leaf from which the head turning psychoactive factors, TETRAHYDROCANNABINOIDS (THC), have been removed as much as possible.

The body is now known to produce this oil as ENDOCANNABINOIS. ENDO means internal production. In fact, an Endocannabinol system has been identified now to exist throughout the body with a generous number of receptions in various systems of the body.

This system has been found to be the equivalent of, say, the skeletal system, the vision system, the digestive system and the nervous system.

What doctors are telling us now is that the endocannabinol system governs other systems of the body to ensure that none is run down or that some are weakened by others. Somehow, the body appears not to produce enough endiocannabinol all the time.

This may cause system imbalance, such as a weakened immune system or a weakened blood circulation system which, for example, it may make the blood coagulate or clot as in COVID-19 infection. Now, CBD oil therapy is appreciated in many disease situations.

CBD oil has been allowed in the United States and in the United Kingdom for the treatment of SEIZURES in persons as young as 30 months. As CBD oil receptors are plentiful in areas often devastated by COVID-19, it should not be out of place to arm them for their defence with CBD oil.

I have in mind, especially, the immune SYSTEM. And that is why you are unlikely to find CBD oil missing in my medicine chest.

These days, I like to start the day with one capsule with hot water, followed immediately with cayenne, vitamin C and zinc. Cayenne is an anti-coagulant known for taking the blood circulation to the innermost corners of the body.

So, it may not be taken with Waffarin or Aspirin, both pharmaceutical blood thinners. Cayenne helps me take vitamin C and zinc as well. Those of us who are used to FERRUM-PHOS (ferrous phosphate), one of the 12 BIOCHEMICAL or TISSUE CELL SALTS, may  have wondered  why I left  out this anti-coagulant tissue salt.

No, I didn’t forget it. And I hope this will still be  my Biochemist friend in Warri, Mr. A.A IRIFERl’s favourite. It is just not easily available in the country now.

It is one tissue salt I would have wished to try alongside GOTU KOLA in the place of Cayenne as a blood mover, especially in the evenings when cayenne may be too “ strong” for some people.

Gotu Kola is a gentle blood circulation herb and a longevity herb as well. Every organ, especially the brain, feels its impact.

Which better way to knock out for the night on CBD oil than with three to four drops of the tincture under the tongue, followed about 30 minutes later with Gotu Kola or magnesium.


Look-alike symptoms may be with us for a long time. In fact, I advisedly use the words look-alike symptoms. Only medical doctors may relate symptoms with COVID-19, especially after valid testing.

There is repeated testing failure and insufficiency of beds and medical personnel in isolation centres. These look-alike symptoms rear their ugly heads and bodies everywhere. We cannot afford to ignore them.

We must suspect them for what they may be and engage them before they can cause harm – at least until Nigeria’s medical officials come up with a prophylactic medicine or a cure.

I have presented, on this page, what we have been doing in the Alternative Medicine arena as a prelude to a Covid-19 cure…

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