Countries have no record of coronavirus death

Countries have no record of coronavirus death

Countries with no coronavirus case The respiratory virus which was initially reported in the last quarter of 2019  in Wuhan China is now in over 180 countries.

These countries have no confirmed cases as at April 30:

Kiribati Lesotho Marshall Islands Micronesia Nauru North Korea Palau Samoa Solomon Islands Tonga Turkmenistan Tuvalu Vanuatu Countries with No death Aside from countries that have not recorded any case of coronavirus, here are countries with no recorded death. Statistics from Worldometer – a real-time data website –  shows that these countries have a hundred per cent recovery of all confirmed cases.

The countries are : Falkland Islands The Falkland island had 13 confirmed and they are all recovered. Greenland Greelnad had 11 cases and they are all recovered. Greenland is the world’s largest island, located between the Arctic and Atlantic oceans, east of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.

Greenland had 11 cases of COVID-19 however all have recovered. For weeks, there have been no new cases of coronavirus found in Greenland.

On the 4th of May, the ban on departure from Greenland was lifted, the  government stated on its  tourism platform.

Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea, PNG,  had 8 cases and they are all recovered.  The country is  in the southwestern Pacific, encompasses the eastern half of New Guinea and its offshore islands.

On 20 March, the first case of Covid-19 was detected in the country – a foreign mining worker – and two days later PNG announced a state of emergency, restricting movement and gatherings, and imposing some restrictions reports the Guardian.

Saint Barthélemy  Saint Barthélemy had 6 confirmed coronavirus cases and they are all  recovered.

The country,  a French-speaking Caribbean island commonly known as St. Barts, is known for its white-sand beaches and designer shops.

The  government had confirmed the first two coronavirus (COVID-19) cases on the island of St. Barthelemy on Sunday, March 15. Both patients were placed under quarantine in their homes.

Anguilla Anguilla had 3 confirmed coronavirus cases and they are all recovered.  Anguilla, is  a British Overseas Territory in the Eastern Caribbean, comprises a small main island and several offshore islets. It is in the North America continent.

In April the island removed all regulations restricting movement and gatherings, following a declaration that there are “no active or suspected cases” of COVID-19 in the destination.

The decision comes after Anguilla’s Chief Medical Officer told the island’s Executive Council that the restrictions could be “safely removed,”  Caribbean Journal – a local news outlet reports.


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