Expert says physical activities, exercise prevents disease conditions

As Nigeria COVID-19 pandemic rises to over 10,000 cases, a Professor of Physiotherapy and Director, Exercise is Medicine Nigeria, Dr. Ade Fatai Adeniyi, has emphasised on the relevance of physical activities and exercise for prevention of disease conditions.

In a presentation, titled: “Keeping physically active during COVID-19 Pandemic: A step by step guide”, Adeniyi, noted that physical activities and exercise has from ancient times been a way of preventing disease conditions.

“Although the relevance of physical activity and exercise for the prevention and control of disease, conditions can be traced as far back as the beginning of man, generally many individuals still grapple with its preference and use. Some of the reasons adduced to this include inability to make time to exercise, lack of facilities and expertise on what to do, perceived strenuous nature of the physical activity, and some holding the belief that it is easier to swallow pills than to exercise.

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