Fans stigmatize BBNaija housemates, Mercy and Venita.

Nigerians witnessed the drama on BBNaija reunion show yesterday, However some fans have reacted belligerent to what former housemates, Mercy and Venita said to their colleague Ella.

A recalled that Venita went too far by calling Ella a “liar, beggar and dubbing her as bipolar”. The mother of two was dragged and lambasted on Twitter for bringing down her fellow woman publicly and making her cry on live TV.

Mercy, winner of the last edition of the show, disappointed a handful of her fans for asking if Ella does drugs thereby making her look like a messy girl.

Reactions from the fans below;

@ManLikeIcey wrote “There’s nothing wrong if you ask people for help, Ella reached out to her fellow HM’s for help cause of her mum’s health and Venita and her cruel friends used it to ridicule Ella, Mercy now made it worse by asking if she does drugs, foolish people.. Venita and mercy are both very evil … I wished @Symply_Tacha won the BBN Sleepy faceSleepy faceWeary faceDizzy face… even though ELLA was wrong on her part, you cant just humiliate your fellow woman like that on national TV Sleepy faceSleepy faceSleepy face…. Fu***ckk Venita and mercy, stupid girls”

@Vannybytweet wrote “So its ok for venita to bully and humiliate ella like that but the same bitch got nuggets for Tacha for hyping herself in the name of “bringing people down” venita I hope u never have to watch any of ur child humiliated lyk u did Ella today…u need serious help!”

@SexyDoyin1 wrote “Lambo and Venita are my girls but tonight they fucked upMan gesturing not okMan gesturing not okMan gesturing not ok.. What happened to be your sister’s keeper? Help people because you want to and not because you need their gratitude Woozy face.. This convo shouldn’t have made it to this show atall. Totall uncalled for”

@TWEETORACLE wrote “Venita is one of the most BITTER house mates in the just concluded #BBNaija pepper dem season.
That’s my opinion however”

@GeorgeRoseline9 wrote “When you knew you had this type of issue to discuss with Ella, y don’t you discuss it trough WhatsApp…. this really show how bitter you are…..are you a saint too..Stone her only if you are clean of the alligation too…#Venita”

@madamneka wrote “This just reaffirms the fact that begging people for money basically strips you of your freedom of speech and even value. That’s why Ella was trampled upon today. Hustle, so your mates won’t insult you so blatantly on National TV. So unfortunate. #BBNaijaReunion”


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