Men ‘should have a maximum of one alcoholic drink a dayʼ to avoid early death.

Over in the US, American men are being urged to reduce their alcohol intake to a maximum of one drink a day, rather than the previous recommendations of two drinks. The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee has said that it’s best that both men and women have just ‘up to one drink a day’. That’s a change from previous recommendations in the US, where the recommended limit for booze is no more than two drinks a day, where one drink is defined as containing around 0.6 ounces of alcohol.

While that remains the official limit, the committee recommending a reduction is pretty influential across the pond, so their statement could have an impact on health guidelines. The committee points to a ‘modest but meaningful increase’ in death rates when someone consumes two drinks per day compared to one a day. Recent research suggests that even moderate drinkers are at an increased risk of cancer and early death.

It’s worth noting that current UK recommendations are in line with that one-drink-a-day rule. Back in 2016, the UK’s alcohol guidance was updated to state that both men and women should drink no more than 14 units of alcohol a week. That’s two units a day, max, and considering that there are already around two units in a pint of beer, sticking to those rules means you’ll max out at one drink a day.

In fact, the NHS says 14 units is equivalent to just six pints of average-strength beer – so you might even have to take one day off from your daily pint.


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