“Miracle baby” Emmanuel Boateng home after 47-day hospital fight with coronavirus

A mother whose premature baby survived a 47-day hospital battle with Covid-19 today described her son as her “miracle boy”.

Doctors told Evelyn Ntiamoa Boateng three times that her son Emmanuel was unlikely to survive after he was rushed to King’s College A&E on March 30.

He had left the same hospital just 10 days before, having spent the first two months of his life there after being born at 27 weeks.

On his return he was transferred to the specialist children’s critical care unit, intubated and put on a ventilator for 21 days, during which time he tested positive for coronavirus.

He remained in intensive care until May 8 and a week later, emotional staff lined the corridors and applauded mother and son as he was discharged.Emmanuel, now four months old, is the NHS Trust’s youngest intensive care Covid-19 survivor.

Mrs Ntiamoa Boateng, a carer from Peckham, said: “I hadn’t wanted to take him to hospital because I thought that is where he could catch the virus.

But he was getting worse and the GP told us to go to hospital.“In that first 24 hours I was told to prepare for the worst three times.

I was on my own in the hospital crying on the phone to my husband and just praying to God my little boy was going to be OK.”

Mrs Ntiamoa Boateng, 31, was told when Emmanuel’s Covid-19 test came back positive she must go home and self-isolate with husband Maphitus and son Morris, four, for 14 days.She said: “It was so hard having to stay away from him for two weeks.

The nurses were so helpful and even let me video call so I could see him. I cannot thank them enough for what they have done.“I’m so happy to have Emmanuel back home. He is my miracle boy.”


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