Reason Why Fulani Women Do Not Marry Men of Other Tribes

Reason Why Fulani Women Do Not Marry Men of Other Tribes

Fulani folks or the Fula people as they’re additionally called elsewhere are an ethnic group that amounts to greater than twenty million folks in Western Africa. They are often present in Mali, Nigeria, Cameroon, Sudan, Chad, Guinea.

Legend says the Fulani originated from the Arabian Peninsula, and migrated south-west to Senegambia.

From Senegambia, they moved eastward, crossing a number of Sahelian and Sudanian zones, to the Crimson Sea.

The Fulani of Nigeria are part of this migrant, ethnic inhabitants having frequent occupational and biogenetic traits.

Mild with curly hair, the Fulani have pointed nostril, skinny lips, and slender statue

Most instances people confuse the Fulani and the Hausa to be one and the same.

However there’s certainly a distinct difference between the Fulani and Hausa, although they’re all are Northerners.

The Fulani are principally cattle herders and so they have their very own language and tradition, which could be very completely different from that of the Hausa.

The explanation why Fulani girls or women do not get married to different tribes is solely tribalism.

Something about different tribes and their practices usually are not welcome to the typical Fulani man. Secondly they do not combine with different tribes besides during politics.

Actually some will provide you with situations that in the event you give birth to a feminine baby, that baby will probably be betrothed to a different Fulani man chosen by the household. It is principally due to the tradition.

All cultures have their uniqueness of tradition. For instance Within the Fulani tradition what the spouse earns belongs to the spouse alone.

Whereas within the Yoruba tradition the spouse earns belongs to the household. Within the Hausa tradition relying on how wealthy or buoyant the household is.

The bride brings the whole lot in the home from the matrimonial mattress to Tv set and even fridge, the groom simply get an empty home she is going to furnish it.

Whereas in Yoruba tradition the groom buys the whole lot probably the most Yoruba brides carry is kitchen wares and utensils.

The Fulani folks that don’t enable their kids marry one other tribe. Even the very close Hausa males. They like marring amongst their kin. Those that have been born within the north, or spent a very long time within the north understands this.

Fulani girls infrequently marry for love and affection as their marriages could also be deliberate amongst households even earlier than the birth of the children and the Fulani males are usually polygamous in nature.

This makes the ladies fairly unbiased and are usually educated about trade.

Regardless, the ladies of this tribe are anticipated to show acceptable modesty every time the topic of marriage arises, for marriage confers on her a particular standing throughout the clan.

An essential public acknowledgment of the wedding is the motion of the bride to her husband’s village, termed bangal.

The ladies of that village come to greet her, and the welcome is a ceremony of passage for the bride.

The bride’s standing will increase with every baby she has, particularly with the birth of males.

Though with how far we’ve include civilizations and enlightenment there are some households both Hausa or Fulani who do not care about your race or tribe.


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