Renault goes after Mercedes; first kilometres for Ricciardo in F1 car

Last week Mercedes was the first team from Formula 1 to return to the asphalt. On Tuesday Renault followed the example of the German world champion and came into action on the Red Bull Ring. Daniel Ricciardo completed 115 laps on the Austrian circuit.

Ricciardo drove a 2018 car and hit the 500 kilometer mark. Teammate Esteban Ocon will be in action tomorrow at the Red Bull Ring. The first two Grands Prix of 2020 will also take place on the track in Spielberg. Helmut Marko already let it be known that he was not happy with the fact that Red Bull had rented the track to the French ‘competitor’.

From Ferrari, Racing Point and AlphaTauri it is also almost certain that they will still make miles before the season starts in Austria at the beginning of July. Ferrari and AlphaTauri will be in action with a car at least two years old, while Racing Point will be driving the 2020 car. The British race stables of Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll still have a film day left on which it can enter the asphalt with the current car. They are allowed to drive a maximum of one hundred kilometres.

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