See just one animal to keep and become rich in the future

See just one animal to keep and become rich in the future

Are you looking for what to do to make money and become rich. Yoy are in the right article. Making money has become the most important thing in life, we have alot of issues facing us and most of them can be solved with money.

Nowadays farming has become the fastest way to make clean money. Most especially animal farming .

In animal farming, you put in just little effort and resources and make alot of income which can make you rich in no time.

Here I will take you through the most profitable animal to keep and watch money flow.

Rabbit farming.

Here in my list is rabbit. The truth is that among all the animal farming you could think of Rabbit farming is the most profitable animal farming, reason being that it requires less resources (capital)input, then gives alot of profit.

In Nigeria you can start a rabbit farm with just about N5,000 and watch money flow.

Rabbits are not costly, you can get rabbit from N1,500 above, location matters(varies with location.

About building, rabbit have no specific building. You can keep yours in a cage that can occupy it depending on the started and planed number.

You can also prepare an enclosed building for it, providing space for feeding and resting.

Note: rabbits enjoys space.

Assuming you have started with just 4 rabbits (3-female and 1-male) which start reproducing highest in 3 month time, every month you have about 5-8 rabbits from each female rabbit.

In the next three month you start selling the first set, at about N1,500 above each.

That is you are selling about (N1,500 * 15=N22,500) to (N1,500 * 24=N36,000) each month, that is big money right?

Feeding rabbits is never a hard task, rabbit as a herbivor eat/feed on all soft green plant (e.g vegetables, fruits and seeds) and even your leftover food, you don’t need to worry or spend money on feeding and treatment.

you just have to deworm (give them medicine for worm) every three month for proper growth.

Selling it I tell is not hard, it sells itself.

I highly recommend Rabbits farming to you. Start your farm today and save your future from poverty.

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