The TIV Nation Should Be Build On Love, Peace And Unity.

A TIV MAN was known for his love on his fellow man,we were NOT killers/murderers but we were our brothers keepers.We were people abound to live together in love,peace and unity.

AYATUTU KA UNO? KASE was a family response of my people growing together in love. A Tiv man was not stingy, A Tiv man was a cheerful giver[Va se ya kwagh yan]who makes sure that the people around him are fully satisfied. A Tiv man was not a marginaliser, but A Tiv man was that person who believes in the Ideology of ”YA NA ANGBAN”.

A Tiv man was not a betrayal but a Tiv man was that person;that stands by his words firmly.A Tiv man then, never dare sold his brothers to the ”UKE”.

But today,Money have taken-hold of my people, we are no longer what we were,our conscience have be sold in exchange for money and power.
People whom then,were looked upon as gods of our land can no longer speak the truth because money have closed their wisdom minds and mouth.

Our youths today are no longer there brother’s keeper but are today ”JUDAS”, who collects monies on there brother’s head.

Gradually our Nation[The TIV Nation] is turning into graveyards,the killings of our brothers;E.G Charles.

isha/Logo],Hon Felix[Kwande Day before yesterday],Prof Jande,and others too numerous to mention.

Are we going to continue like this? Remember,this people all have kids and families,think about yourself and ask this

[1] How will my family feel when am no more?
[2] Who will take care of my family if am not there?

My people,HATE and WAR will only take us backward.
If we continue like this,our enemies will no longer strive on us but our enemies will always win us;UNITED WE STAND AND DIVIDED WE FALL.

Lets come together and be united in one accord and in all we Do..
God bless the TIV Nation he added,

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