WHO and Madagascar agree on clinical trials for COVID 19 Organics

The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the government of Madagascar have reached a compromise on the country’s rumored cure for COVID-19.

Speaking during a media briefing, Dr Matshidiso Moeti, the regional director for Africa at the WHO noted that the global health body is working with the government of Madagascar to design and conduct clinical trials for COVID Organics.

She added that they are also in talks with the governments of the African countries that have received shipments of COVID Organics with the goal of designing multi-centre clinical trials.

It would be recalled that the global body discouraged the use of the herbal product as treatment for COVID-19, attributing its position on the non-existence of scientific evidence via clinical trials to support the claim of the government of Madagascar.

Moeti had urged the government of Madagascar and other African governments to honor an earlier agreement that the ministers of health in Africa had previously entered, pledging to allow herbal and other locally developed health products to be subjected for clinical trials before they are introduced as treatment options for various ailments.

Nigeria is one of the African countries that received boxes containing COVID Organics from the Madagascan government without scientific validation of the regimen.


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